Pyromaniac Prototypes

Join a small group of intrepid diners to sample three courses being considered for Gloucester Studio’s new menus.


Tickets cost £35

Ladies Who Latte

Ladies Who Latte

A private wine tasting event for members of the Gloucester branch of Ladies Who Latte and their invited guests.


Tickets cost £40

Foraging in Tuscany

Starting in Spring 2021, I’ll be joining Rob Gould aka The Cotswold Forager in Tuscany to offer foraging and cooking holidays. Watch this space for dates!

About the Pyromaniac Chef

I have always been passionate about creating food, and since my childhood have taken the greatest pleasure from cooking and serving food outdoors. I’ve also had a lifelong passion for travel, exploration and discovering new things – new places, new flavours, new experiences. The creation of my own restaurant and the Pyromaniac Chef product range brings together these passions and the ongoing journey of discovery I’m living.

Gloucester Studio; the cosiest restaurant in the Cotswolds

Gloucester Studio

Hidden away in a garden in the Cotswolds is a micro restaurant where the chef consistently and joyfully sets the food on fire. Gloucester Studio seats just eight diners around a central fire pit where they watch as Kathryn Minchew cooks steaks from a rib of beef pulled out from a bonfire, cracks open salt dough used as an oven and serves from hollowed out pumpkins. When Michel Roux Jr visited as part of his Hidden Restaurants tour he said, ‘It’s bonkers but it works!’

The studio isn’t a traditional restaurant – instead, it’s a unique dining experience – and it opens just for you.


Experience Gloucester Studio for yourself, book cookery classes with The Pyromaniac Chef, take home a piece of the restaurant’s unique atmosphere or recreate recipes in your own kitchen.

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