Appeared on Hidden Restaurants with Michel Roux Jr

In Spring 2017 I appeared on episode three of Hidden Restaurants with Michel Roux Jr. “It’s extraordinary to see this in a shed in a suburban back garden,’ says Michel. ‘Kathryn cooks meat in front of you on a fire pit. It’s bonkers but it works. I really enjoy watching amazing food being created in the face of unbelievable challenges.”


Crowdfunded the Fire Kitchen

My second crowdfunding campaign ran in September-October 2016 and sought to raise £1,000 to fund the purchase of a smoker and the construction of a “Fire Kitchen” for my restaurant, Gloucester Studio. The campaign was successful and I raised £1,235.

Started Wild Cookery Lessons

12938239_1698073033783977_5843506231218797894_nIn May 2016 I ran my first wild cookery lesson. The idea is that I’ll teach a group of friends how to cook over real wood fire at a location where they’d like to cook in future (most commonly, in their garden. I bring all equipment and ingredients to cook a meal not just for them but for any family and friends who wish to join them.


Published The Pyromaniac Chef Cook Book

9) Book CoverIn September 2015 I successfully crowd funded my first book: The Pyromaniac Chef Cook Book. My team and I worked to a somewhat crazy deadline and photographed, edited and produced the book in just two months.

Launched Pyromaniac Chef

8) CandleIn May 2015 I decided that I wanted to focus on food and decided to call myself the Pyromaniac Chef. My main objective was to get my restaurant Gloucester Studio past pop-up status to become an official Gloucester restaurant (this was finally achieved in April 2016) but there were to be lots of fun projects. I created a candle called ‘Sweet Bonfire’ which smells like sandalwood, coffee and toasted marshmallows and began drafting ideas for a cook book.


Opened Gloucester Studio

7) StudioIn November 2014 I had the idea of opening a restaurant from the Kota Hut in my back garden. I sent a press release and upon getting a really positive response, opened my doors. My first customers came through the door of Gloucester Studio in January 2015.


Travelled to Turkey

Untitled design (44)In September 2011 I spent a fortnight travelling around Turkey after my fiancé suggested I have a last big adventure before settling down (we got married that December and I found I was pregnant with our son early in 2012). I had an incredible time visiting Istanbul, Pammukale, Ephesus and Cappadocia and fell in love with the country and its amazing food.


Catered an event at the Edward Jenner Museum

5) KathrynI was working in my first marketing role and we had limited budget for an event. I quietly mentioned the Masterchef thing and that I’d be happy to cater. I loved every minute of the halal Middle Eastern feast I put together.


Lived in Malaysia

4) Mee GorengI moved to Kuala Lumper for practical reasons. I was doing PhD on Malaysian Political Economy and in the aftermath of a relationship breakup it was an affordable place to live which made sense given I needed to do fieldwork there. But I fell in love hard. I’m happily settled in the Cotswolds but I’ll never be 100% at home in the UK again and I rather like that.

2008 - 2009

Filmed Masterchef and got to the Semi-Finals

Untitled design (43)Masterchef was terrifying but since it’s about as scary an activity I can imagine so I’m a far braver person as a result of doing it.


Attained my Leith’s Basic Certificate in Food and Wine

2015.10.07-Pyromanic-chef-food-photography-0308I did a two year cookery course alongside my A Levels and it absolutely filled the gaps in my gastronomic upbringing. While it only covered the basics, it gave me the confidence to try my hand at anything.


A childhood filled with food

2015.10.08-Pyromanic-chef-food-photography-0160I had a lovely childhood. My grandparents owned a villa in Spain so we went there every summer and ate paella cooked on the beach over wood fires. My love of trying new dishes was always encouraged and I don’t think I ever ordered off a children’s menu.