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With a choice of rooms to suit most budgets, don’t worry about a taxi and stay the night after your event! Relax in one of three cosy double rooms, before rising to enjoy a fire-cooked breakfast experience prepared from local seasonal ingredients. If you really want to make a full day of it, extend your breakfast to a brunch, or bottomless brunch for an additional supplement.

Lavender – Double Bedroom


Bed and (fire cooked) breakfast for one or two people.

Available as an add on to bookings. Once you have confirmed a date for your event with Kathryn, add the deposit to your cart along with any rooms you would like.

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Bed and (fire cooked) breakfast for one or two people.

Available as an add on to bookings. Once you have confirmed a date for your event with Kathryn, add the deposit to your cart along with any rooms you would like.

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Bed and (fire cooked) breakfast for one or two people.

Available as an add on to bookings. Once you have confirmed a date for your event with Kathryn, add the deposit to your cart along with any rooms you would like.


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